My journey as a writer began at the early age of eight. I began writing short horror stories, and while most of my classmates brought in toys and crafts for show and tell, I brought in my stories and read them aloud to the class. Some thought I was crazy, but I managed to generate a few fans – in retrospect I’m surprised my parents never received a concerned phone call from the school.

In 2004 I wrote a short story titled, Sarah, and it earned me a spot in a new writing competition held by New Camp Horror. The competition was called, Dark Idol. My stories propelled me through the competition, where I became one of the top four finalists. Throughout the competition I honed my writing skills; this lead to my first official publication in May of 2005. The publication source was an online zine called, The Harrow, and the story was titled, Preparation.

Since then, my work has been featured in such magazines as Astounding Tales, Dark of Night, Thirteen, Night to Dawn, Wild Child, and Alien Skin. I also won first place in Insidious Reflection’s Grossout Competition and published my debut novel in 2008.

I write because I love to. It’s not just a passion, it’s an obsession. It’s a thrill ride and I want you in the back seat with me. I want to take you into my world, introduce you to the characters I’ve created. I want you to be excited to descend into the darkness with me, because to me it feels like home. Maybe that’s because it is.