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 (Book 2 of the Blades and Bullets series)

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(Book 1 of the Blades and Bullets series)

The first heart-pounding adventure novel from the Blades and Bullets series. A moving and exciting story that gives its readers a glimpse into a terrifying future.

After spending 2 years in an underground shelter to escape the horrors of a collapsing society, Zuri Kilpatrick and her sister, Lynn, are forced to emerge in search of supplies. But the world has drastically changed. Technology has run rampant and all law enforcement has been disbanded, there is no protection from the monstrosities that now roam the earth. When Lynn is taken captive by a ruthless band of human traders, Zuri finds herself forced to navigate the hostile and treacherous new world in a fight against time to rescue her sister. Not only must Zuri adapt to a new way of life, but she must reach deep within to find a hero that lies dormant, a hero just waiting to rise.

Doug and Karen have rented a picturesque vacation home on a quaint New England island. Doug's goal is to complete the follow-up to his debut novel. Karen's is to relax. But the couple soon realizes that they are being watched by something that's inside the house with them, something that has formed an unnatural attachment to Doug and has now begun to terrorize Karen. As Karen begins to uncover the home's malevolent past she discovers that the presence among them is far more dangerous than they had ever imagined, and regardless of its preconceived intentions, neither of them are safe.


Caleb Riker has concocted a plan. He's going to hunt down and kill the men who murdered his wife and unborn child. As he sets out to take justice into his own hands, an unlikely run-in with a widow named Kate Lawrence sets him on a different course that will change his life forever. The two discover that they are being hunted by dark forces that leave a trail of bodies and catastrophe in their wake, forces that use human beings as hosts and feed on destruction. Caleb and Kate are soon joined by a teenage girl on the run who has some insight as to what they’re up against. As the three begin to realize the divine circumstances that have brought them all together, they discover that their survival does not depend on defeating the darkness that hunts them but on facing the darkness that's within them.


Roger and Lizzy Andrews have buried their dark past and made a life-changing move to the peaceful countryside community of Elmwood, South Carolina. It's a quiet community where secrets and deception lurk around every corner, a place where bad news travels fast, a place where Roger and Lizzy's lives are about take an unexpected turn.
Shortly after Roger and Lizzy move into their dream home, a gruesome murder sets the community on edge. Pamela Stephens, a beautiful and well-liked member of the community, has gone missing, and now a part of her has been found along a dusty, old country back road. Paralyzed by fear, the residents begin to speculate as to who could be responsible for the atrocity. And just when they think they may have the answer, another pretty woman goes missing.
An amateur photographer named, Jessica Hughes, unknowingly stumbles upon an eerie piece of a much larger puzzle, which slowly begins to unravel a long-forgotten, sinister past, a past that somehow weaves its way into Roger and Lizzy’s lives.
Soon Roger finds himself in a struggle for survival, forced not only to confront his own inner demons but also a merciless evil with no moral compass. It's an evil that will stop at nothing until it gets what it wants…all the pretty ones.